How to Stay Warm and Cozy During This Winter While Saving on Energy Bills

How to Stay Warm and Cozy During This Winter While Saving on Energy Bills

The winter months can take a toll on us in many ways. They can put our homes through the wringer, creating added wear and damage to our exteriors. They can also put a serious dent in our budgets, as we crank up the thermostat and the immersion heater to ensure that we keep the cold at bay. 

But as our friends at Switch-Plan will tell you, investing in energy-efficiency now can make your home much warmer, cosier and cheaper to run for the rest of the winter, and beyond. Here are some tips to help you save on energy bills without having to spend your days shivering and shuddering at home.

Replace your windows

Around 10% of heat loss occurs through your windows. So if you’re serious about saving on energy bills and driving down heating costs, your windows are a great place to start. Many assume that just because they have double glazing that their windows are energy-efficient. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Not all double glazed windows are created equal, and the [British Fenestration Rating Council]( has a scale of energy efficiency ranging from A++ to E. 

And don’t make the mistake of assuming that replacing your windows means compromising on their style or character. We provide bespoke windows made from the highest quality glass as well as Sapele hardwood, coated with Sikkens microporous paint. So you can get improved durability and energy efficiency without compromising on appearance.

Declare war on draughts

We all hate the icy tickle that we feel when we come into contact with a draught. But finding the source of draughts can be frustratingly tricky, especially in older properties. A little sealant can go a long way towards fixing draughts. Kep places to start looking for the source of draughts include:

  • Next to pipes
  • Under skirting boards
  • Around electrical fittings
  • Between floorboards
  • And, of course, around windows and doors

Which brings us to…

Replace your doors

We can also lose a lot of heat through interior and exterior doors. Replacing your doors can not only make your home warmer and cosier, but improve security and, of course, kerb appeal. Our expert joiners can create the perfect bespoke internal and external doors for your home to make your home a comfortable and secure castle.

Protect your health

Having a chilly home in the winter can have some serious health consequences. If you aren’t managing to keep yourself warm, you could come down with the common cold, the flu, or something far worse and long-lasting. Ensuring that the heat you generate at home stays trapped inside, rather than escaping into the cold outdoors, will protect you from illness and also keep you comfortable in your home.

Looking for bespoke energy-efficient windows? You know who to call!

You shouldn’t have to spend your winter cocooned in a blanket or clutching a hot water bottle for dear life. Nor should you have to suffer the energy you pay for drifting quite literally out of the window. Contact us today to see how our bespoke windows, doors and joinery services can make your home warm and cosy this winter.