Increasing the sell-ability of your home

As well as many other benefits like energy savings, soundproofing and reduced condensation, having replacement windows and doors can significantly increase the sellability of your home.

Research suggests that on period properties in particular, sash and wooden windows when sympathetically and professionally installed can in fact increase the value.

Whilst timber windows are traditionally more expensive than UPVC it’s all relative, in that the increased outlay is more than matched on the value added to your home, easing any potential sale and increasing the asking price.

When replacing windows particularly with listed properties they should be replaced like for like, should this not be the case it can act as having a negative effect on the value of your home.

Estate agents insist that new double glazed windows will add value and make your home more sellable. One Sussex agent (Henry Adams) stated that they had sold an edwardian terrace cottage for 40,000 more than predicted basis the owners had replaced single glazed windows with wooden framed double glazed windows costing 18,000.

So in conclusion, it makes sense to consider all the options and not discount the possibility of opting for timber windows, as otherwise you may just end up having to discount the price of your home!