Price Vs Value – It’s All In The Detail

Value is the price you’re willing to pay for a product or service. Sometimes, that price is higher than the actual cost, while the key lies in how much value you’re getting in return. 

 Buyers rarely look to compare the value they are getting in a product/service over the initial price, only to see customers approach us after receiving an unsatisfactory outcome from a manufacturer offering a cheaper product to seem appealing on the offset.

Only to later realise that once the project commences, potential issues may begin to creep in…


The most common our customers have come across previously, are:

  • Faults
  • Delays
  • Cheap Materials (Avoid softwood at all cost)
  • Non-Existent Customer Service

 Having to do the same job twice, blowing the budget past the initial investment of a good product/service.

Understanding The Importance of Value

In terms of value, what should you be looking for when partnering with a sash window manufacturer?

❇️ For us, value is about creating an experience for customers that are most aligned with their expectations and in turn, for you to provide the end-user with the same flawless experience.

The value behind this type of experience should outweigh the initial cost of the products based on the increase of referrals you could win on the back of that satisfied customer.

❇️ The type of timber used for a project will have a direct correlation on the price, just be cautious that the cheapest options can potentially lead to faults in the product, chips, paint peeling and may also need to be maintained more regularly than for example, Sapele timber.

❇️ Timelines are crucial, you need a manufacturing partner that can commit to deadlines to ensure your overall project runs smoothly, as delays can have knock-on effects on other projects and potentially cause problems with your customer.

❇️ You pick up the products from the manufacturer and when you get to your customer you notice a manufacturing fault on one of the products… 

Or, there is an added spec to the project, having a dedicated person for support via phone and email is crucial to keep things running smoothly when you hit a bump in the road.

Can you put a price on that type of support? 

Over the years, many of our clients had gone through that very same route, only to come to us to rectify and re-supply quality products they can have confidence in.

This creates a win-win, as we continue supporting their businesses and re-investing in our own business to provide the very best.

Breaking the cycle is simple, but not easy.

Planning Your Next Joinery Project?

When planning your next joinery project, the Landmark team will ensure we request the right type of information so that you can be confident you have the right product for your project.

Our considerable experience enables us to recommend the correct fixtures to create your perfect installation.

If your project is a protected building, listed or situated in a conservation area, so cannot have double glazed sash windows we can restore their old ones to their former glory or manufacture new single glazed sash windows to meet the requirements of these homes.

We work closely with Local Planning Authorities to ensure your new windows meet these planning standards.