Today’s timber frames continue to be developed and innovated, all to offer homeowners the best performance as well as functionality. That’s why we make no bones about the benefits of hardwood double glazed windows.

To help highlight this we thought it would be best to dispel some of the myths about them. You might find yourself surprised by what the facts show

MYTH: If looking for double glazing, you need UPVC windows.

Far from the truth; hardwood windows are in fact able to be double, even triple glazed, and we are one of the few companies that can offer this service. At Landmark Windows we can replace both single glazed Sashes with Double glazed units. Alternatively there is slimlite double glazing, giving all the energy saving benefits, whilst maintaining the character and feel of the windows. Slimlite double-glazing windows are constructed with a clear outer self cleaning pane. The emissivity coating is on the inside face into the cavity and reflects the heat back into the room. The warm edge technology ensures maximum energy conservation.

MYTH: Wood rots quickly and is not cost effective, whereas UPVC will stand the test of time and does not discolour.

A big misconception in the public is how UPVC lasts longer as it will not rot. But, it’s the other way around, plastic will degrade overtime whilst most hardwood windows have an estimated service life of around 60 years, that’s twice the life of UPVC windows. Plastic windows can become discoloured and brittle as a result of exposure to the sun, unlike wooden framed windows, which can be repaired, plastic can not and will have to be replaced. At Landmark Windows we only use the best Sapele hardwood, to enable us to offer our clients long lasting guarantees on all our work, giving you a lasting peace of mind.

MYTH: Wood windows are too expensive

Although wooden framed windows may be slightly more expensive initially, in the long run they are often much more cost effective during their lifespan. This is due to the ability of being easily maintained and re-painted, whilst UPVC windows would ultimately need to be replaced.

MYTH: UPVC adds value to your property

Research shows that carefully manufactured and installed sash windows can have an immense impact on the sellability of your property. Often house buyers will take into account the cost of replacement when valuing a property or making an offer. DID YOU KNOW; If you have a period home or a home in a conservation area, UPVC windows could even devalue your house by as much as £20,000! Unsympathetic replacement of windows and doors-with a large percentage being UPVC- represents one of the biggest threats to property values. Research has also proven that whilst UPVC windows can decrease the sellability of your home, it can also dissuade prospective buyers from making an offer.

MYTH: Timber windows are a poor insulator

Here’s a myth that continues to bemuse. While it’s true that aluminium and UPVC window frames have thermal breaks and internal multi-chambers for better insulation, wooden windows insulate naturally and don’t require such an extra level of design. Put simply, timber doesn’t just evoke a sense of warmth, but literally helps keep you warm. Especially, if double glazed.

Is it time to replace your windows? Or are you just looking into options for the future? Whatever it may be, we are here to help you!

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